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Hey! I hit 3k (thanks soooo much) so I decided it’s time to update my faves page.


  • Reblog this, likes won’t be counted
  • If you followed me that would be cool
  • Be active

❋ Improve your chances 

  • Have a simliar blog style (glow/radioactive/pale/art)
  • Tag a post with #gaelaxy telling me about yourself
  • Follow my old faves, found here. Message me who you followed
  • Reblog some of my posts, found here. Message me when done.

❋ Perks 

  • Your url with be displayed on my blog with my other faves
  • You can self promo in my ask every day, and you can ask for promos (be reasonable) 
  • Someone to talk to/be your friend ;)
  • Voting/html help

(please reblog and I’ll be really happy and give you pizza)

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